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Craigslist Hot Tip #1 – Image Ads

Keep from getting flagged on Craigslist

Keeping my post from being flagged on Craigslist proved to be my biggest challenge when it came to posting on Craigslist. My post kept being flagged for duplicate content, in spite of creating multiple hand written post. Making it very difficult to keep my ads from being ghosted/flagged.

The best way I found to get around this is by using “image ads.” Images ads allow you to get your message across while enhancing your chances of NOT being flagged on Craigslist for duplicated content.

With “image ads”, you simple create an image with the message you want to get across, and upload the image to a hosted site. This way you’re posting an image on Craigslist and not text.

Why “image ads? People copy/paste other peoples ads all day long on Craigslist, and then wonder why their ads get flagged. You may be able to get away with duplicating text ads a couple times, but it won’t last long.

So my suggestion would be “image ads.” You’re able to convey your message the way you want, while avoiding the possibility of duplicated text. By linking to your image, which you can easily rename, can be uploaded over and over and reloaded from your hosting site such as Pinterest, Flickr, SmugMug, Picasa, Amazon S3, are any other hosting service.

Craigslist Hot Tip #2 – Post Locally

The second reason for getting flagged on Craigslist would be posting in other cities/states in which you Do Not live. The IP address of your internet is giving you away.

A simple solution would be to post in your local city/state. Despite getting 2-3 leads a day, if you consistently get 2-3 leads each day, this could add up over a 30 day period.

Another solution would be IP changing software. But that’s another post, so we’ll cover that later. Are, you can subscribe to my email list, I’ll give you the very IP changing software I personally use.

Craigslist Hot Tip #2 – Fancy Titles

This will get you every time. Using fancy titles will most likely get you a lot of quick leads, but are they reliable quality leads?

People use special characters, stars, and all kinds of stuff to make their titles bounce off the page. But Craigslist also has a staff of people, and that’s all they do, is surf Craigslist for titles with special characters, and pull the listings down.

So if you’re making your listings flashy, don’t be surprised if you’re ad gets pulled down almost as quick as you put it up.

‘Til the next episode, have fun posting on Craigslist!

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What do I need to do to get the IP changing software. I have a home business and the recent craigslist changes are really causing my business to fail…. I used to be able to post in other cities, I am in a small town and 95% of my business is out of state and across the country. HELP!!!

Tyler Augustus

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Crish May
Cool tips! I post ads regularly on numerous classifieds and I’ve been very good at it for a long time. But over the last year or so with all the changes Craigslist has made I was really struggling with the “Gran Daddy of ’em all” But it all got turned around when a good friend of mine introduced me to this cutting edge method to conquer frequent flagging and ghosting on Craigslist. I’m so glad I listened to her. Now I have my Craigslist posting mojo back! My ads are mostly all live and the leads are flowing in again.… Read more »
Rao Yrk

Some stupid guy keep flagging my ad. I need help.


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