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In today’s economy, more and more businesses or turning to email marketing as a better way of marketing to improve their bottom line, while yielding greater results. Over the years, email marketing has proven to be effective, and efficient.

Email Marketing

If you like statistics, how’s about this one. Recently, DMA (Direct Mail Marketing) has said that email marketing  has overtaken direct mail marketing in terms of volume.

Is email marketing good for any size business? I’m glad you ask that question.

Regardless of the size of your business, email marketing can be used to reach more prospects, attract more business, and improve customer relationships/retention.

Here are 5 simple ways to improve your email marketing campaign

  1. Give It A Personal Touch: Email messages can be personalized to include the persons name. Anyone who receive an email with their name is more likely to open the email then not.
  2. Fast Mail Delivery: Direct mail campaigns can be very time consuming, costly, and quite complicated when working internationally. In addition, direct mail can take anywhere from two weeks, two months or longer to execute. And don’t forget, the added time for a responses.
  3. Tracking Results: Email marketing campaigns can be easily tracked. When you’re able to see exactly how many messages were opened, or clicked on, you’re able to quickly merge your testing results, and make changes for better responses.
  4. Raise Your Bottom Line: Direct mail campaigns are very expensive. Postage makes up most of the cost for direct mail campaigns. Then you have to add the cost of printing, mailers and/or inserts, and possible labor. On the other hand. Email marketing can be launched for pennies on a dollar, but cost much less to manages compared with direct mail campaigns.
  5. Building Relationships Is Invaluable: Email marketing gives you the ability to create strong relationships with your customers, resulting in an increase up-sell for later opportunities. Nothing beats word-of-mouth marketing, and email marketing can generate fast, and effective word-of-mouth marketing for your business.

Today’s economy requires businesses to adapt quickly to its customers needs, wants, and desires in order to survive. Email marketing gives you the ability to quickly plan, and execute an effective marketing campaign efficiently, with the added value of tracking your results to make quick changes, improving your ROI.

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