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My name is Durwin Randle, and I’d like to say Thanks for stopping by my blog, and a Special Thanks for reading my About Us page.

Make Money Advertising Affiliate Products

When it comes to getting started in affiliate marketing, it can be a little difficult figuring out what to sell, what affiliate programs to join, which tools work best, and how-to drive traffic to your sites, all the while wondering if affiliate marketing really works.

I’d like to help you “learn ‘how-to’ turn YOUR blog into a paycheck.

I come in contact with people quite frequently who want to learn other ways of generating income to support their families. However, the problem most people have is finding a credible system that works, and reliable support without cutting the bottom out of their purse, or ripping a whole in a fellas back pocket.

So, I decided to create a blog to help people learn “how-to” generate additional income with the tools, and systems I use to make money on the internet. Because, when it realy comes down to it, most systems, (I won’t say all), but most systems work. The problem is finding the right system that works for you.

Now, before I go any further, I need to tell you that this is an affiliate blog, and most of the links, if not all, in my blog are affiliate links. Meaning, if your click on the link and buy something, I will get paid a commission.

Now, with that out of the way, I can tell you that affiliate marketing is nothing more that building small targeted websites, or blogs, in which people click on your links and go to the actual website where your customer can buy what they have been looking for. The difference is that we create small targeted websites that provide information to help people make informed decision. That’s it!

I once read a quote that said,

if you want something you don’t have, help enough people get what they want, and you’ll get want you want.”

Maybe you can relate to this old cliche’, maybe you can’t.

But with everything I just said, here’s what I know I can do for you, IF you’re willing to take action.

“I can teach you everything I know about affiliate marketing, and ‘how-to’ make money without having to purchase inventory.” That sounds good. But How? Just keep reading.

You also need to know that when making money on the internet, there is no magical program, no crystal ball, no genie to rely on. YOU WILL HAVE TO WORK!

But rest assured, the only two things standing between you and the next millionaire is

how you market your business,” and

how Big You Think!

Your Business Will Only Grow As Much As YOU DO!

If you think you “CAN,” or you think you “CAN’T,” either way, “YOU RIGHT!” The question is, which way are you going to think?

Here’s a quote for you before I go. I currently live in Houston, Texas.

“If you wait for all the lights to turn green between Houston and Dallas, you’ll never get started on your trip to Dallas.”

Take action! and Take action NOW!