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Are you biting your nails until they turn into nubs when your visitors turn on their heels and walk away without clicking your HopLinks; what if you paid for the traffic using PPC advertising? Sounds like you’re having a problem capturing email addresses from your visitors. Maybe I can help.

Email Marketing

What can you do about this?

  • Can you still obtain value from visitors who are leaving your site?
  • Do you just let them walk away?
  • Can you convert your visitors into customers without them having to buy anything right then?

When doing internet marketing, you must keep in mind that every visitor to your site has value, but NOT every visitor will part with their hard-earned money when they visit your site; however, they can part with something just as valuable. – their email address.

Building a qualified list of opted-in visitors can be very valuable to your internet-marketing efforts, giving you the opportunity to market to your visitors later, or create a powerful bargaining chip when negotiating joint ventures.

Studies show that

  • most visitors leave within 8 seconds of arriving on your site
  • another percentage leave after viewing the home page if the content is not relevant to what they need
  • on average, 3% will actually make a purchase

…but check this out

  • 30% of your visitors will sign up for your newsletter

If you’re not getting email addresses from your visitors, I suggest you try one of the following methods to improve your conversion rate.

  • Popovers – Popovers are small sign up forms containing information regarding your newsletter. These popovers can be set to appear on every visitor’s screen shortly after arriving on your site, but browser blockers do not affect popovers, neither can visitors miss your form because it overlays your site. To maximize your changes, let your visitors know “what’s in it for them”, and make sure your process works. You may want to delay our popover 15-20 seconds, this gives your visitors a chance to view your site, and they’ll be more inclined to sign up.
  • Sidebar Sign up – If you’re running WordPress, then adding a sidebar widget can be done with effort by pasting your HTML code for your form in a standard text/widget

Give visitors a reason to give you their email address

Asking for email address does not work any more, the secrets now a days is to give visitors something they want in exchange for their email address. This may sound obvious, but many sites ignore this.

What do you have of value that you can give in exchange for an email address? For example,

  • A free eBook
  • A free mini-course
  • A free membership

When you give something free, make sure it is relevant to your visitors needs. For example, if your site is on eBay, offer a free report on how-to find wholesalers, or doing research; or maybe your site is on affiliate marketing, offer a free eBook on PPC, or using social networking sites. Just make it relevant.

Give your visitors more than one option: buy or leave their email address

If you only focus on making the sale, you’re losing about 97% of your market; remember, earlier I said 3% of your visitors will buy, the other 97% will leave without purchasing, at least not right now. If you put as much effort into getting email address as  you do trying to make a sale, you increase your chances of being successful online by marketing to your email list of potential buyers.

Always try to capture email address.

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