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How many times have you had a conversation regarding branding strategies about Google with friends, family, co-workers, business partners, church members, etc., the list keeps going doesn’t it.

But if you really look at Google’s logo, it’s not the best when it comes to design. Look at it, blue, red, gold, blue, green, & red.

However, Google has managed to take this ugly icon, and turn it into a recognized icon worldwide. One obvious reason has been Google’s consistency is one of it’s secrets, but what else can we learn from Google about marketing?

1. Being consistent voids being paranoid.

While Google has no problem staying consistent with their logo, it’s obvious they have no issues playing  with various designs. e.g. Google Universal Search and your travel industry business. Are you ready?

Doodle 4 Google is another example, “a competition where they invite K-12 students to use their artistic talents to think big and redesign Google’s homepage logo for millions to see.”

Even with a branded image, by stepping outside the box, Google has “remixed” their logo in various ADDS, branding their strength instead of diluting it.

2. Share an comprehensive mission

Google’s first stated mission “don’t be evil” has become legendary, and is very simplistic, with a non-corporate feel. By sharing what they do through a natural language is what Google does. Not only that, Google has stayed true to their own mandate of “organizing the world’s information.”

3. Brand suite reinforced

Google is constantly producing new products because that’s what they do. They’re a product company which offers it’s engineers and staff plenty of time to dream up the next big thing on the web. But when they launch, Google typically has it’s name on the front of the product, with a recognizable new design to add to it’s suite. As a result, users get a sense that all of the products are designed to work together, to their advantage. This helps Google set the customers mind at ease when it comes to introducing news products.

4. Rebranding an acquisition may not be the best option

Google has invested in several big acquisition’s while growing. The largest three would be Blogger (a blogging platform), Picasa (a photo sharing platform), and YouTube (video sharing). Each of these three companies retained their own branding identity, which added strength to Google’s suite, and kept established company-customer relationships intact.

5. Be harsh about simplicity

Google has managed to KISS (keep it sweet & simple). From the beginning, Google has taken it homepage, with nothing but a search bar, and turned it into a worldwide recognized page. Even with some of the changes withing Chrome, Google remains uncomplicated, and as simple as possible.

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