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Powerful Web Hosting You Can Depend On

Powerful Web Hosting you can depend on! We’ve been with HostGator 8+ years. We can vouch for each of the point we listed from the past, and present experience.

Instagram Finally Supports Landscape and Portrait Formats

When a message hit my inbox that Instagram now supports landscape and portrait formatting, my first thought was no-way. So, I followed up on the post and read it for

How To Find Your Blog Akismet API Key

>> If you’ve been looking for your Akismet API Key, let me see if I can help you out a little bit. >> Go to WordPress.com and create a blog,

Affable Granny Seen As A Threat, Why?

I came across an article this morning, affable Granny, that was very interesting, and would affect all consumers. But the title of the article is what got my attention because

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