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The Four Fundamental Principles You Need In All Your Marketing Ads are,

  1. Money Site
  2. Feeder Sites
  3. An Offer
  4. A Call To Action

What is the purpose of your website? First, let me give you a word of wisdom, “before you can start…you must first have a destination,” keep this in mind when building your site. Whether you build 1 or 100 websites, without a focus (purpose), you probably will not make money.

1. Money Sites: What are they, and how do you use them?

Money sites should be your focus, without money sites, you will not make very much money, if any at all. Money sites are where you want to drive your traffic to, and/or rank higher in the search engines. Money sites or the focus of your network of sites; for example, if you’re using FaceBook, MySpace, any other social network, blogs, websites, bookmarking media, video media, whatever you’re using, your money site has to be the focus of why you’re doing what you’re doing. Once again, without a destination, you will not get started.

Now, a money site can be an affiliate website, blog, an opt-in page, a sales-letter, or anything else; the only thing you have to remember is that your money site is the focus of why you are doing what you are doing.

2. Feeder sites serve the purpose of supporting the money site.

Its purpose is to send traffic, leads, links, are whatever to your money site. Therefore, the purpose of the feeder site is to support your money site.

Now, your feeder site can be an affiliate website, a blog, an opt-in page, a sales-letter, a website, or anything else; what is important is that your feeder site gets traffic to your money site, or your sales funnel.

3. What is an offer? An offer is simple you giving or exchanging something of value with your visitors. It can be a book, a widget, a video, a free subscription, or a discount, but you have to offer them something. It makes no difference what your offer is, the important thing to remember is that you have must make an offer for it to be an offer. Here are a few examples,

Give them a reason why they should believe you. Give your visitors a reason why they should buy your product. Stories are very good for giving people a reason as to why they should take the action you are telling them to take. Jeff Johnson gives a very good example, in one of his videos, why you should tell a story. E.g. upon doing some in-house printing, the inkjet printer ran low on ink, and the copies did not print well. The material was readable, but they did not look professional. Therefore, what Jeff did was offer the material at a discount, and gave them a reason why the videos were selling sold so cheap. By doing this, tell people knew exactly what they were paying for, and they knew the reason why. Tell your customers why your product is the best. Tell them why there is a discount versus a later date. Tell your visitors why you are doing what you are doing.

4. You must have a call for action.

In your emails, your videos, your opt-in pages, your websites, in everything, use a call for action. Tell your visitors exactly what you want them to do. You must be very specific about what action it is they must take. Without a call to actions, people simple do not know what you want them to do in order to buy what you are offering.

Give a deadline for your call to action. Are you can think of it another way,

no deadline…no offer…no action…

If you apply these four principles in your email, opt-in pages, affiliate marketing, your banners, your sales newsletters, you will have a much better sales, and conversion rate.

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