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Between Google and BingGetting position on Google and Bing doing search engine optimization is one way, but it’s not the only way.

Positioning has another meaning. Being content-focused deals with how your content takes place in your readers minds.

Learning about “mental positioning” may seem like it has nothing to do with social media per se. But there’s more to blogging then just post content on FaceBook or Twitter. If you’re using social media without giving any thought to who’s listening, you’re not positioning yourself at all.

What is your story about?

This is what you want to share with your readers. You want to think about how you’re going you share your information. Do you want to use social media, email list, public speaking, or webinar’s?

Who is your audience?

Who you’re speaking to has a lot to do with how you present your message. Are you working with a younger generation where an email list my not be effective. On the other hand, if you go a few years back, using an email list would be much more preferred.

What is your influence?

Once you have positioned yourself in your readers minds, your influence will go quite far. What happens it that your regular readers will share with their readers, and their readers will share with their readers. Your objective is to be visible to many, while attracting very few. Sure, you may want everyone to listen to you, but realistically, that’s not going to happen.

Engaging your audience

A common mistake that building your Twitter followers, and re-tweeting what you find interesting will be enough. As you interact with your audience, your learn what they want, how to communicate with them effectively, and how-to say it. You’ll learn how-to say the same differently to reach a different reader.

Have you established a strong or weak position in your readers minds?

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