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If you thought the normal way of being PageRanked (PR) had come to an end, guess again.

New PageRank Update by Google

Google just rolled out a new update.

The last update happened around April 2010, which is quite  awhile considering that Google normally rolls out a new PR every 3-4 months.

Most people were expecting a PR update around September of 2010, but I guess Google was a little to busy getting ready for the holiday rush.   🙂

What I have heard was that most blogs and websites saw an increase in PR “IF” their inbound links were legitimate.

It looks like Google is starting to put a tight choke hold on site buying links, and giving higher PR’s on pages built with links the ol’ fashion way, hard work.

So, now would be a good time to outsource most, if not all, of your link building, which would allow you to focus on finding more products to sale.

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Google Changing The PageRank Algorithm – which also has a list of site that lost PR during the update. A lot of the mainstream sites lost rank, which is actually good news for smaller and newer bloggers.

If you’ve heard anything else, let me.

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