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If you haven’t read 1 of 4 or 2 of 4, you may want to check it out first. Here’s 4 of 4 if you want to jump ahead.

#3 – Are you thinking outside the box?

Marketing - How Do I BlogIt can be very difficult going toe-to-toe with your competitor who has an established market; it’s like two great NFL teams going head-to-head with the best players; therefore, coaches teach their players to exploit weak spots in their opponent.

This same analogy is true for affiliate marketing.

Take Dell for example. Instead of competing against their competitors, Dell put a twist on things by selling directly to the public in place distributing to retails stores. This one little twist put Dell in position to customize your computers just the way you wanted it, and ship directly to your front door.

My point is. Instead of thinking about what your competition “IS” doing, think about what your competition “IS NOT” doing, and do it.

Another company would be Investor’s Business Daily. IBD was founded on the fact that the consumer market wanted reliable data they could depend on to make sound decision when investing in the market; thus, Investor’s Business Daily was founded and built on providing consumers with relative data, which they understood.

The affiliate market it mush the same. Your focus should be finding hole that your competition hasn’t filled and fill it.

‘Til the next episode where we’ll be talking about developing a well organized link building campaign, think outside the box.

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