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This is my final post on “How Do I Blog”. If you haven’t read 1 of 4 , 2 of 4, and 3 of 4 you may want to check it out first.

#5 – Looking for a niche within a niche

The reason some affiliates fail contributes to having tunnel vision, by assuming a niche has to be s single entity, when in actuality, niches have a niche within themselves. Sites that thrive on finding the niche within niche are capable of becoming thriving businesses, and setting industry standards for these niches.

Marketing - How Do I BlogHere’s a prime example. Some affiliates have targeted specific subsets of weight loss customers. But when you start researching this sub-niche, you begin to discover multiple products in which you can promote to support your internet business.

Remember, taking on the entire niche is unnecessary. Simple find a healthy niche within a niche a go with it. I’m sure you’ll be surprised with how your sales without the excessive competition will come to be generic.

For example, the weight loss sub-niche’s you could target:

High protein diets

Bride diets

Belly fat diets

Low cab diets

The thing about finding a niche within a niche can become very fragmented, targeted; allowing you too easily find a sub-niche you can dominate quite easily.

We have come to the close of How Do I Blog?

I hope you understand how targeting a niche helps sustain your internet business. What I’d like to know from you is whether you believe taking on competitive niche markets i

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