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Having a steady stream of income is vital when exploring affiliate marketing. For anyone to be successful at affiliate marketing, generating consistent month-to-month commissions will allow you to explore new markets , and regularly test new products. So, let us checkout a few things about recurring billing products.

Recurring Billing Products, What Are They?

A product that repeatedly bills its customers is considered a recurring billing product. E.g.,

  • Software License
  • Membership Site
  • Subscriptions
  • Newsletters
  • Products with Trail Periods

Should Affiliates Promote Recurring Billing Products?

The most obvious reason for affiliates to promote recurring billing products is the regular commissions you will earn for months, or years at a time.

Promoting recurring billing products as an affiliate will earn you commissions every time the customer is billed for the life the subscription.

The best part about promoting recurring products is you only have to promote the product once for you to be eligible to receive repeated commission paychecks.

Best of all, they are no more complicated to promote than any other affiliate product. Let’s say you have an account with ClickBank, you simple create a HopLink like any other product, choose the media you wish to promote your product via article marketing, niche site or blogging, social media, and search engine marketing, and if the customer buys, you just increased you paycheck.

How to Find Recurring Billing Products with ClickBank

The easiest way to find recurring billing products to promote is to filter the Marketplace to only include those products. You do this by first doing a keyword or category search for the product you want to market, then select Avg. %/rebill from the drop-down menu. What this does is filter out all products for the category/keyword you have selected, this ensures that any product you choose to promote will pay you recurring commissions, as long as the customer continues to subscribe.

Once you have run your search, you can get a feel of how expect from recurring product paychecks in the future, or as a total sale.

As you can see, recurring billing products can be a incredible source of reliable income for you. Uncover profits without any additional effort with recurring billing products.

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