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Are you overwhelmed with so many options of getting traffic, building sites, picking products to promote (the three components of affiliate marketing, and building a web site). This is without the fact that some of these options can be pretty expensive, and highly technical.

My goal in this post is to help you get started as an affiliate relatively easy, risk-free, zero cost, increase your chance of making your first sale, and hardly requires any technical knowledge, skill, or experience.

I’m going to use ClickBank for our products, WordPress.org or BlogSpot.com for our website, and some search engine optimization to get traffic. If you’re new to search engine optimization, here’s a quick 10-minute video, but if you have more time, and want more detail, Google has a video about an hour long.

Step 1 – Find 10-15 products you want to promote

  • ClickBank is one of the easiest affiliate programs to get started with because they have thousands of products in which to choose. Once you have a ClickBank account, go to Marketplace and browse for products you have an interest in and/or a product that you or someone you know would buy.
  • Make note of the products, including the Product Page and HopLinks you will be using to promote the product. A good ideal would be to save this information in a text file on your computer.

Step 2 – Use Google’s keyword tool to find potential keywords

  • Head over to Google’s external keyword tool
  • For each product, enter the most generic keyword that applies. For example, if your product is on “dog training,” enter “dog training” and click the search button.
  • Make sure you see the “competition” column, if you do not, click the “columns” button to the far right and select “columns” from the drop-down menu, and click save.
  • Sort the list in descending order by “global monthly search” by clicking the “global monthly search” column title.
  • Make a list of all keywords that has a “global monthly search” of 10,000 to 70,000, that have something to do with your product.
  • At the end of this step, you’ll have ten list. A few list maybe empty, but that’s okay, you want to select products that will work, so be patient and don’t get discouraged.

Step 3 – Evaluate the competition for SEO

  • Now, let’s see if you can actually rank in Google for terms that would actually drive traffic to the product you want to promote. For each keyword you identified in Step 2, go to Google, type in your keyword in quotation marks (“”). For example, if your keyword was “dog training eBook”, type in “dog training eBook” in the Google search box.
  • You’ll see your search results 1-10 of xx,xxx, just below the search bar. If the search result is less than 150,000 would be okay, but the lower the better, move on to the next step. Otherwise, get rid of this keyword.
  • Now, let’s do another Google and search by typing inurl: “keyword phrase” in the Google search box. For example, you would type inurl: “dog training” in the search box, if the results or less then 1,750, you’ve got a winner. Move on to Step 4.

In Part 2 – Making Your First Sale as an Affiliate Marketer in 5 Steps, we’re going to cover

Step 4 – Picking the keyword you want to start with and build a WordPress.org or BlogSpot.com blog

Step 5 – Start building links

Keep in mind that the most important part of this process is keyword research, done is steps  2 & 3. If you find yourself having trouble, don’t give up, find 10 more products and do your keyword research again. You want to find the best products products which takes time, and with thousands of products to choose form, you may or may not find the product people are searching for, but if you stick with it, you will.

After awhile, which could be days, maybe even weeks, you should see yourself show-up in Google search results; people will start to click on your ClickBank links, and you will have your first sell as an affiliate marketer.

’til the next episode, peace!

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