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If you have read Part 1, I suggest to do so now before you read Part 2

Step 4 – Picking the keywords you want to start with and build a WordPress.org or BlogSpot.com blog

As an affiliate marketer, choosing the right products gives you a good start, but choosing the right keywords gets you ahead, and keeps you ahead of the competition.

  • Online MarketingStart building your blog with BlogSpot.com, or WordPress.org. I personally use WordPress.org because I like having a little more control, and using having my own domain name; but if you have no experience with blogging, you might want to go with BlogSpot.com for two reasons: it’s easy to build a nice looking site, and blogs rank very well in Google.
  • Next, choose a keyword, or keyword phrase with the highest search volume, least amount of competition, and seems to have the best fit for your targeted market. Now, before you get started, let me say this, there is no wrong answer. You’ve done your research, just go with your gut instinct using the criteria above.
  • Next, build your blog. Setup your account with BlogSpot.com or WordPress.org, go through the tutorials for building post, pages, links, etc. Make sure your blog title is your keyword phrase; search engines love this.
  • Make sure your blog address (url) has is your keyword phrase. For example, if “dog training ebook” was available, your url should be “dogtrainingebook.blogspot.com”. You may have to get a little creative using a dash (-) between words, just keep digging, you’ll find it.
  • Now, your blogs goal is to inform, and to sell the product. Give readers valuable information from the product pitch page, as well as using outside resources. Add your HopLink using text and images if possible. Often times you can get images of the product form the product affiliate page.
  • Note: never make up any information regarding the product! If at all possible, buy the product, or have someone buy the product so you can study the material yourself, and give a truthful recommendation.
  • I would love to give you step-by-step instruction on how to build a site, but that’s much to extensive, so here’s an good example of what I’m talking about using BlogSpot.com. Check it out! This should give you a good feel for using product information, and images from the product page you want to market.

Step 5 – Start building links

  • Many guru’s feel that link building is the key to search engine optimization, and the best for getting search engine ranking results using your keywords.
  • The process to building backlinks is pretty simple, but does require some work, here’s what I mean.
  • When creating links using bookmarking site, be sure to use your keyword phrase as your “anchor text” or “hotlink” to your product in the description or tag. Create links when ever possible.
  • Posting comments on blogs in a nice way of creating backlinks to your site; I found a good article that explains the process, check it out.
  • Social bookmarking is another great way of building backlinks. Just setup an account, and start building links.
  • If you’re not interacting and collaborating on social media dialogue sites where user generate content in a virtual community, you’re missing something. Web 2.0 Properties like Squidoo.com, HubPages.com and Google Knol are great places to put small amounts of content, and then build a link back to your site.
  • Try to build at least 5-10 backlinks every single day. This will give you the quickest result.

Before I close, I must inform you that the most important part of this technique is doing your keyword research for each product. Don’t get discouraged if you’re having a hard time finding the right keywords phrases for the products you’ve chosen, just go back, find 10-15 more products, and find the right keyword phrases. Eventually you’ll find the right products, giving you the right keyword phrases, resulting in you showing up within Google search results, where people will click your links, and you’ll finally have your first sale.

I hope I was able to help!

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