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Bulge from the Crowd and Widen Your Affiliate Profits

Currently I cannot say I have 5, 10 or 15 years of experience as an affiliate marketer; however, experience has taught me one thing for sure that I’d like to give you as advice,

…bulge form the crowd!

Popular BlogsIt’s kind of like investing in the stock market…but that’s another story we not going to get into; but here’s what I mean.

We all know that nothing stays the same, and neither has the internet.

Over the past 3-5 years, the internet has drastically changed in many fashions.

Web 2.0” sites have become very popular.

10 years ago, I knew nothing about YouTube, now days you can hardly find 2 people sitting at the table who haven’t heard, use, or visited YouTube; making YouTube a major playing in video, entertainment, and marketing.

Therefore, if you want to get people’s attentions,

…bulge from the crowd!
Here are 3 things that can help you bulge from the crowd.
Web Design

It use to be easy to take a blank page, type a few words about your product or service, add a couple of pictures, if you could get your hands on some, and put a button your page that said “Buy it now.”

Those days are gone…

A good way to ensure you communicate with your audience is to learn from the best…just like the stock market.

They have an old cliche in the stock market that says, “elephant’s can’t hide” which holds true in the affiliate market as well. Let me explain.

Find the big balers in your niche market, and do what they do. They’ve invested millions of dollars in research and marketing, so it only makes since to “follow their lead” by making sure your images are clear, color tone is nice, and your text is readable.

Video Entertainment

I must admit, I’m a bit late getting started with video marketing; but one thing for sure, better late than never!

If you’re just getting started in affiliate marketing, don’t wait, start studying video marketing “today.”

Many professional affiliate marketers use videos in almost everything they do.

Video’s have a way of improving your conversion ratio, if done correctly; so, make sure and do your best when doing your video’s

Actually, I’ve come across some sites that use video’s for their sales page on both products, and services.

Products & Services

Competition is unavoidable!Whether it the NFL, NBA, affiliate marketing or selling ice cream,

…you can’t avoid competition.

So, what do you do?

…bulge from the crowd!

Put some thought into your product or service, and make it different. Think of it as art.

No two pictures are the same, whether you drew it, or took pictures with a camera, no two pictures are the same.

Therefore, make your product unique; provide better service; offer tools your viewers can use; make the bonus where people CANNOT walk away. If your product is different, it most likely will do very well.


My final point I want to mention, and probably the most important, “be you.” There is no other in the world like you, create your website, products, and services that reflect YOU!

Yes, you have to learn the basic skills of copy writing, web design, video creation, and a few others, but the most important point I want you to remember is to be YOU when building your site, and watch what happens.

Real Recognizes Real!

Best of luck!

Don’t forget, share the love!

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