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If you have a blog or website, then I’m sure you want more traffic then what you’re getting.

Here’s why.

When Google, Yahoo, or Bing looks at your site to determine how and where it comes up in their search results, one of the first things they look at is the number of other websites linking to your blog or website.

Using DoFollow Forums To Build Traffic To Your Website

The rule of thumb is, the more sites that link to your blog or website, the higher Google will place you in search results.

Getting plenty of inbound links to your website is what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is all about; the experts call “link juice.”

Now that I’ve explained why I’m writing about this, and what we’re going to do, let me explain what is a “DoFollow Forum.”,

A DoFollow forum is nothing more than a forum that allows you to post a link to your website or blog within your forum post.

Google will index general and specific forum post; therefore, the links you place in your forum post act as link juice for your website or blog.

Since the trick to getting more traffic is a matter of having more avenues for customers to find your site, why not add more link juice.

So how do you find DoFollow Forums?

Simple do a Google search, that’s it. No tricks, nothing scientific, no complicated math problems, just search Google.

Try it!

Go to Google; type in “dofollow forums”; hit the search button, and presto; you should get something like the list below:

List of 144 Do-Follow Forums by Niche | JR’s Internet Marketing …

Hyperlink list of 144 do-follow forums listed by niche and includes page rank of each forum…

[Alexa Traffic Rank for http://getinternetmarketingstrategies.com/2008/11/do-follow-forums/: 54,236] getinternetmarketingstrategies.com/2008/…/do-follow-forums/ – Cached – Similar


700 Dofollow Forums List

Mar 7, 2010 … Here is the list of 700 Dofollow Forum List, download the list and get free targeted traffic, knowledge and free solid backlinks for your …

[Alexa Traffic Rank for http://www.techmaish.com/700-dofollow-forums-list/: 23,833] www.techmaish.com/700-dofollow-forums-list/ – Cached


DoFollow Forums | PeiProfit.com

Oct 2, 2008 … Spend about 2-3 hours per day browsing through these DoFollow forums. Your daily goal is to make at least 20 posts in 3 selected forums …

[Alexa Traffic Rank for http://www.peiprofit.com/traffic-secrets/list-of-dofollow-forums: 167,331] www.peiprofit.com/traffic-secrets/list-of-dofollow-forums – Cached – Similar


DoFollow Forums Search Engine

DOFOLLOW forums search engine allows users to get backlinks from relevant forums in signatures and posts.

[Alexa Traffic Rank for http://www.dofollowforums.com/: 454,798] www.dofollowforums.com/ – Cached – Similar


120 Forums With DoFollow Signatures

43 posts – 29 authors – Last post: Jan 19, 2009

Dreamteam Money Forum – Moneymaking forums. One of the hottest moneymaking forums offering dofollow forum signature. …

[Alexa Traffic Rank for http://rumahabi.com/120-forums-with-dofollow-signatures.html: 62,574] rumahabi.com › SEO – Cached – Similar


Now, look for a forum that’s somewhat related to the content of your site or blog.

Quite a few, if not most, forums require you to join, so planned on taking a few minutes to sign up.

Now make your post, include a link back to your site, and presto!

Keep in mind when you visit these forums; you can post to any forum on any topic, but I suggest you post on forums related to your content usually do much better.

I have to warn you. It may take you about thirty minutes to an hour’s work to research and find the forums you want to join; then it will take you another five or ten minutes to sign up and make your first post.

Is this fun, no! Is it worth it, yes!

Once you’ve posted on a forum, make sure and add it to a folder on your computer, a spreadsheet, or bookmark the site so you can go back once a month and make another post to keep your links fresh.

Here’s another important tip!

When signing up on the forums, you have to give an email address. I suggest you setup a Gmail or Yahoo account because these forums can generate a lot of spam.

Here’s a bonus tip!

Plenty of blogs will allow you to include your link when you post. You can find these blogs by searching “dofollow blogs”.

Now here is a POWER TIP!

Google considers links from government, non-profit and educational websites as major link juice and they will rank you higher if you have links from those websites and blogs.

So look for forums (and blogs) that have web addresses that end in .gov, .org and .edu; these are the web addresses used by government, non-profit and educational websites.

If you comes across any additional sites, please come and post your information so I can share it with other readers.
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