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Using Twitter to Promote Your Products: Part 1

Social media has become by far the easiest and fastest way of generating targeted traffic for affiliate products such as ClickBank, Commission Junction (CJ), and many others, if used correctly.

However, with a proliferation of social media sites popping up almost daily, it can be very difficult figuring out which sites are worth your time to help drive traffic to your products; so, with that said, I’d like to help you out a bit.

First, What Is Twitter?

The technical term for describing Twitter means “micro blogging.” Twitter is a real-time information network that connects you to the latest information you are interested in.

What makes the heart of Twitter beat are small burst of information called “Tweets.” These tweets consist of 140 characters or less in length

Why Use Twitter?

Connect with Customers, and Joint Venture with Partners

Twitter allows me to build trust with my customers; enriching my relationship with viewers.

Tweeting can put you in contact with people you want to connect with when email wont.

Increase Blog and Web Site Traffic

When you become a reliable source of information, you can be sure your followers will eagerly click your links to hear what you have to say.

When you create you blog post, having catchy titles along with the first few works being enticing helps your viewers click-through. I recommend automating your blog post using Twitterfeed.com or LinksAlpha.com

Get Incoming Links, and Lots of Them

Here’s a tip about Twitter you should know…each tweet is its own page on the web.

Here’s what I mean

Each time you include links to your blog post or pages, products review pages, or website in your tweet, you are receiving inbound links to your site. Incoming links mean more traffic, both direct, and visitors, which improves your ranking in the search engines.

I hope that this post helped you understand the use of Twitter; and how it can help you grow your business on ClickBank, your blog or website.

In Part: 2 Using Twitter to Promote Your Products, I’ll give you a few basics on getting started with Twitter, along with a couple of steps you should do early to be as successful as possible.

In Part: 3 Using Twitter to Promote Your Products, I’ll give you a couple of tips on “What to Do” and “What Not to Do”. Twitter is about building relationships.

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