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Getting Started with Twitter

If you haven’t read Part: 1, I suggest you read it first before your dive into Part: 2

Step 1: Choose a User name (Twitter ID) and Update your Avatar, and Profile

Using Twitter to Promote Your Business: Part 2

First, decide whether you want to brand yourself, your product, or your company, based on who you intend to communicate with on Twitter. E.g., you may chose to setup a profile for your business to communicate with your customers, and a personal twitter page to talk with other marketers.

Keeping your profile up-to-date with useful information is very important. Make sure you have a description how to intend to help your audience.

Adding a picture to your profile helps viewers engage in conversation with you when they can see a picture of your smiling face as opposed to the standard avatar.

Step 2: Start Tweeting

You can start out by mentioning that you’re new to Twitter, and you’re trying to figure the Twitter thing out.

Next, tweet about a few resources you would recommend. This helps followers get a feel for interest.

Another great idea is to ask questions. Feedback from your followers can help you figure out what people are seeking answers too.

Step 3: Start Following Other People

When you start following someone, his or her tweets will show up in your timeline. You are now able to what type of discussions they are in, and find out whom they follow. You want to follow people with similar interest.

To find like-minded people, use the http://search.twitter.com search tool. Simple type in your term of interest and a group of people will pop-up. Anyone that has recently tweeted about your subject will show-up in your timeline.

I recommend that you click on their avatar and checkout their profile. If they have a link to a blog, or website, take a few minutes and view their site. I might suggest you send them a tweet mentioning that you visited their site, and enjoyed the post you read. This helps build relationships.

You have two ways of sending someone a message; either direct or public. By adding this symbol “@” in front of their user name, e.g. @blognpaycheck, your message will be public. Are you’re welcome to send them a message direct which no one else will see.

The benefit of making your tweet public, as opposed to direct, will let others know you are on twitter to network, not just a self-promoter.

Step 4: Get Into Conversation with Others

When someone tweets a questions, get into the conversation and tweet a response. When you do this, you just became a reliable source, and an expert to them.

By far the most effective way would be to follow someone using Twitter effectively, and observe their actions. Then again, once you have created your Twitter account, feel free to follow me, http://twitter.com/blognpaycheck, and I’ll help you learn by interacting with you on Twitter.

Would to like to learn how to promote ClickBank, CJ, and other affiliate products without coming across as a spammer? In my next blog post, I’ll give you a few tips on what “To Do” and what “Not to Do”, enabling you to “Turn-on” and “Turn-off” your Tweeters.

I suggest you read Part: 1 of Using Twitter to Promote Your Products

In Part: 3 Using Twitter to Promote Your Products, I’ll give you a couple of tips on “What to Do” and “What Not to Do”. Twitter is about building relationships.

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